“A lot of Death Metal, some Deathcore and very often Tech Death parts that would easily make it up to the porn collection of guitarophiles. On their Hamburg-debut these guys make clear, that they are not just posess the brutal, ruthless hardness of a baby cat catapult, but play sophisticated, intelligent and beautiful music. Yes, yes, “beautiful” is one very banal word, but in this case just such a wonderful true one!”

Stormbringer AT

“… so much potential that I could not think of any reason why they should not soon be playing in the opening act of larger genre bands or even being offered a record deal. Controversial opinion? I’m sure after hearing CONTROVERSIAL’s “Inhuman” critics will come to a common denominator: This debut is inhumane good … ”


Controversial are still an insider tip in the German scene, but at least with the current publication “Inhuman” that will change quickly. Brutal, dark, merciless but always with a view to good songwriting. An absolute MUST for fans of ‘The Black Dahlia Murder’ and ‘Heaven Shall Burn

MTC Köln (about the INHUMAN-Tour)

Already a little older, but too good, not to be mentioned here is INHUMAN, Controversial’s debut album, a metal band from Germany. These five guys from Lower Saxsony orient themselves strong on modern deathmetal sound performed by bands like ‘Whitechapel’ or, above all, ‘Carnifex’, wich turns out in a great mix of brutality (fast-paced parts and groovy breakdowns give themselves the clinch) and melody. This is where mainly the two guitarists Hendrik Peetz and Emil Richters (who just played the ‘Merauder’ – farewell tour with ‘Brothers in Arms’) put accents with their fine lead-guitar parts and working out a good contrast to the diversified growls by shouter Jonas Langhammer. It’s possible to purchase the album produced by Audiobeast and Soundlodge-Studio on the band’s Bandcamp-site for 7€ as a download, or for 10€ as CD.

Thomas Strater, Metal Hammer (publ. Jan. 2017)